Hey guys!! As the title suggests, today, let’s talk about ‘The Most Wanted-HAPPINESS’.Different people have different views on this subject. For some, happiness comes from materialistic things like branded clothes, handsome salary, etc. While some others try to find happiness in the well-being of their loved ones. But according to me, happiness is an INDIVIDUAL’S POSITIVE POWER.This power lies within us, ALL of us. But we often fail to discover it and in the quest to find it in the outside world, we often lose ourselves. Happiness just requires self-satisfaction and gratitude. We need to believe that there are good days and bad days. Without one, the other loses its significance. No external factor can affect our peace of mind if we are mentally strong,if we are happy and at ease with ourselves and whatever God has blessed us with. We always have to feel grateful for whatever God has given us, remember that we have one life and that we are special.

So summing up I would say that if we are happy, then positive vibes will surround us and this positivity will help us succeed in life . So friends keep smiling and try to make others happy as well as the more happiness we spread, the more happiness dwells within us..